The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Man, It’s Hot In Here!

Well, last night was a scorcher! I thought I had a fever—I was burning up! This morning, BC told me it sounded like our A/C unit was not working (it wasn’t making a sound on the outside at all). That was definitely not cool. So, the good news—I was not sick…(just sick of things breaking). The bad news was that we had no idea how high the bill, or temperature, would be. We prayed for a relatively “cheap fix”, and I called the A/C man. We knew we were on borrowed time with our eleven-year-old unit.

So, the A/C man checked it out and said it was just the capacitor (somehow his use of the word “just”—just eased my mind). My mind went “back to the future,” as in…”flux capacitor”. Wow! Not only can it provide the right conditions for the possibility of time travel, but conditioned air travel, too:-). Thankfully, the damage was little—to our unit and our bank account.

The LORD is so good, even when things break. As we try to “control” the temperature in our house, we are reminded that He is in control of everything…and that is certainly comforting!

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