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Dear Cousins/Nice Nieces

Posted under LOL, Sew What?, The Unexpected - Aug 21st, 09

I have been watching my nieces this week. Their moms are teachers, and have started back to school. We have all had a great time. One of my highlights was making matching denim skirts for each girl (ten total) by recycling pairs of jeans. I am thankful that my children have sweet cousins to play with and enjoy.

Yesterday, we had a nice breakfast picnic (donuts) in the park. That was the only time when it would be relatively “cool”. We thought we were going to get attacked…as we crossed paths with the cross-country runners…who gazed at the glazed donuts. Oops! We didn’t think to hide these. How cruel of us!

We were hiking along, and then we saw someone else having a picnic—a coyote eating a dead deer! He ran away, and so did we (in different directions)! I grabbed a stick, and wondered what I was thinking when I suggested going for a hike…with nine kiddos.

Then, I remembered…as my boys cowboys were absolutely thrilled about seeing this coyote. My young scouts “Lewis and Clark” (Benjamin and Bradley) had spotted the coyote.

Lewis said, “Hey look mom, it’s a coyote!”

Clark said: “It is…isn’t that neat? I’ve always wanted to see one!” Part of me was hoping these boys were crying “coyote”, but no…

This week, the house has been filled mostly with girl stuff—paper dolls, painted nails, and such. So, for my boys, hiking and protecting us was great fun for them. When we saw the coyote, they headed in the direction of the coyote…not away! I’m so glad they listened as I told them we were not going to face (or chase) this fear, but move away…and quickly. I was thankful we stayed safe, and had an “adventure” (my kids call most outings an adventure).

Oh…my dear niece M made me laugh when she told her dad that we saw a dead body at the park. Well, it was a dead body, but it was a dead deer body…rather than a human body! Oh dear, it could always be worse…

3 Responses to “Dear Cousins/Nice Nieces”


    Oh what fun. A body in the park. Two intrepid detectives advance on the suspect.
    A courageous Mom halts their progress with warnings not to trample the area and destroy any evidence. She had a different motive in mind. Get them away from possible harm. But, detectives – who killed the deer? The coyote or somebody more sinister? Only the Laughing Hyena knows!!!

  2. Laughing CC Says:

    Ah…we miss you guys! Wish you were here. Thanks for making us all laugh with your comment…laughing hyena!

  3. Organizing Mommy Says:

    Are you a prairie frugal mom or what? Make 10?? recycled skirts? What are you going for? Tightwad Creativity queen of the year? I can not imagine. Oh, and for the record I have 8.3 pears. The .3 is in reupholstery surgery at the moment.

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