The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather


IMG_3838 (Small)Okay, I grew up with a dad who watched the cowboys on television. He watched the Dallas Cowboys, and he also watched westerns with cowboys like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and…particularly John Wayne. However, my dad was the sweetest man in the world. Of course, he was a tough guy, but not a rough guy…very loving.

Recently, over the past summer, my sons were introduced to the genre of “classic western”. They really enjoyed them at Nonnie and Uh-Oh’s (my mom and dad’s) house. When they came home, they asked if they could watch a western. We previewed and watched some John Wayne, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers westerns. Some were definitely better than others. All seemed to be noticeably similar in plot—but I reckon the girls and I endured!

However, the comical comment came this morning from eight-year-old Benjamin. He said, “Ya know, mom…the good thing about having a sore throat is well…don’t cha think I sound more like John Wayne…kinda scratchy and all?” I have to admit, I’m one to look on the bright side…but that just made me smile…and hug my precious little cowboy (who is currently fighting a cold/fever).

Yeah…I also nodded my head “yes” when he hinted to watch a western by saying, “W.W.?”. Then, I started singing this line from a song I remembered from way back:…”Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys!”

Actually, I’m okay with this “cowboy phase” in my son’s life. My hope and prayer is that my son would see the beauty of the Son of Man…the Son of God…the Man of Sorrows…the Savior of the World…the Meek and Lowly…the Humble…the Just…the Friend of Sinners…the King of Kings..and Lord of Lords—Jesus Christ. He truly is the man that is worth living for, and dying for. After all, He died so that we might live forever. My Champion and Hero has won my heart. He will come again, and justice will prevail!

Here’s a cute song for your lil’ cowpokes:

Cowboy for Jesus Song

Thanks to Robyn for sharing her song with us!
To the tune of “I’m in the Lord’s Army”.

I’m a cowboy living in the open range,
Riding through the fertile plains,
Trapin’, Eatin’, wild game,
I’m a cowboy, and ________________is my name
and I live for the Lord.

I live for the Lord.
I live for the Lord.
I’m a cowboy living in the open range,
Riding through fertile plains,
Trappin’, Eatin’, wild game.
I’m a cowboy and ________________is my name
and I live for the Lord.

Written by: Robyn C. White

NOTE: In the blanks put the child’s name or names in. Also
if there are any girls in the group, please feel free to change
cowboys into cowgirls.

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