The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Man, It’s Hot In Here!

Well, last night was a scorcher! I thought I had a fever—I was burning up! This morning, BC told me it sounded like our A/C unit was not working (it wasn’t making a sound on the outside at all). That was definitely not cool. So, the good news—I was not sick…(just sick of things breaking). […]

The Government Can…

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The following video is funny, yet true. When we saw Tim Hawkins in concert, he said that he wrote this song in anger…what do you think? Tim Hawkins-The Government Can When my kids saw”Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”(years ago) one of them said that the candy man reminded them of Paige’s oncologist. I remember […]

Dear Cousins/Nice Nieces

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I have been watching my nieces this week. Their moms are teachers, and have started back to school. We have all had a great time. One of my highlights was making matching denim skirts for each girl (ten total) by recycling pairs of jeans. I am thankful that my children have sweet cousins to play […]


Okay, I grew up with a dad who watched the cowboys on television. He watched the Dallas Cowboys, and he also watched westerns with cowboys like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and…particularly John Wayne. However, my dad was the sweetest man in the world. Of course, he was a tough guy, but not a rough guy…very […]

My Son Has Skills!

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The following is a conversation that my 6-year-old child (talented son) had with me (amazed mom) this morning: Talented Son: “Mom, do you know what I am really good at?” Amazed Mom: (turned to face son) “What?” Talented Son: “Well, I am really good at picking things up with my feet,” (He gave an honest […]

“I Lost Over Half of My Blood Volume…Normally, That’s Fatal!”

Last night on an episode of “Shark Week” (NetFlix), I heard the following quote: “I lost over half of my blood volume…normally, that’s fatal! I shouldn’t be alive!” The slightly insane man that said this, was attacked by a bull shark while trying to show the world that bull sharks “normally” won’t bite you. This […]