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Another birthday…

Posted under The Unexpected, Things I Love About My Husband - Jul 29th, 09

They say you shouldn’t run from your problems, but face them. Lately, I have been running for my problem (the problem being…I’m out of shape), and I am really feeling better…maybe even younger. I was thrilled to get new running shoes for my b-day.

BC and I went to my 20th high school reunion a few nights ago, and it was a delightful jog down memory lane. It’s funny, a lot of families we currently hang out with have a large number of kids, so I was surprised (not shocked) when I won the “Most Kids” Award. It was wonderful hugging everyone again, and hearing their laughter. I love to hear people laugh. Before the reunion, I got the old yearbook out, and a high school scrapbook and that was kind of fun, too.

But then I came across “it”—a newspaper clipping from high school. Right before I moved to Dallas, I ran in the district track meet in S. A., and I placed in the top twenty. I ran two miles in 13:28. Let’s move forward twenty years…I have recently been running on a treadmill, and thinking that I was “really moving”, but in actuality…it takes me twice as long to run two miles as it did back then. Just another reminder of how you really do slow down when you get older, physically and mentally (I couldn’t even remember how long it took me to run 2 miles). Well…baby steps…

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, starting with breakfast with my precious twin sister. Then we all went roller skating (thanks BC…I know that’s just not the way you like to roll). It’s been twenty years since I’ve been on roller skates, and it really was a blast from the past. I’m glad we’ve been running lately, because roller skating is quite the aerobic exercise. Then, we went home for some “down time” (although we had a
different kind of “down time” at the skating rink)

I was so touched by the many birthday blessings that were sent my way via Facebook. I really have enjoyed reconnecting with family and friends that way. We went to Chili’s for dinner, and had a fabulous time! My kids gave me a sweet stepping stone that they secretly made. We stayed up pretty late, and I was starting to feel pain in my back (left side). It was just after midnight. I was thinking it was possibly sore muscles from skating, but then I remembered this pain…kidney stone! Yikes! Well, I started drinking lots of water, and praying the prayer that I always pray when I have kidney stones…”I pray that this too, shall pass!”. This is my fourth experience with kidney stones in the last 12 years, and each experience always brings me to my knees (the pain is that bad, and I am really praying hard for God’s mercy).

P.S. Praise the LORD! I was able to pass the stone, and before our trip to New Mexico!

3 Responses to “Another birthday…”

  1. bc Says:

    I have to admit that I sincerely enjoyed roller skating. It was like going back in time for me. The bonus of it all is that I did not fall once. Pretty amazing!

  2. bc Says:

    It’s been a fun summer, hasn’t it?

  3. your wife Says:

    Yes, I am so thankful for our many wonderful summers…together!

    Just remember that when you start back Monday morning, teacher:)!

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