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I Am a Fan of Chic-fil-A!

What is black and white and red all over? Our embarrassed family walking into Chick-fil-A dressed like cows! Yesterday, we made total cows of ourselves (in more ways than one)! It was National Cow Appreciation Day at Chic-fil-A, and so we dressed the part and had a moo-valous time!

We were supposed to dress “head to toe” to get a free #1 meal. So, we spent $11.00 on supplies (black felt, safety pins, and cow material). We saved $59.00, and the memory of seeing my herd dressed up is so “udderly” worth it (you too, BC)! We even found white and black fingernail polish (I had no idea we even had these), and we painted our hooves (girls only)! We used angel costumes that we had made for our Christmas play. Then, we just cut out the black spots from thin felt, and used safety pins to attach them. We made tails out of black and white yarn. Then, with the cow material, we made scarfs for our heads, bow ties for some necks, and “moo shoes” (a few strips of cow fabric tied to our flip flops…really tied it all together!). We were last-minute “calf-sitting” for a friend. So, we quickly made an outfit for her (our little five-year-old friend). She was thrilled to get to eat at Chic-fil-A twice in one day. Who does that?

We “moo-zeed” on over there for lunch and dinner (at two different locations). We met some sweet friends for lunch, and they were adorably dressed up…painted faces too! Then, we met my sister’s cute herd for a late dinner. So, we were eating free with herds of friends and family…what fun! Unfortunately, we didn’t have the additional stomachs—like cows do—to digest all that great, free food! We definitely need to get mooo-ving! Well, earlier today we did help a friend pack and mooo-ve. That’s got to count for something! And no…we didn’t wear our moo-ving costumes.

At Chic-fil-A we sure felt like mooo-vie stars—people asking to take our picture (on their phones to show their friends how crazy some people are); signing autographs (waivers for restaurant photo contest); people staring and pointing at us (never mind the fact that they were exclaiming, “Look at the cows!”); people clapping as we walked in—some of us were wearing our mooo-vie star shades…to hide!

Then, reality…as I was clearing our trash from the table, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “When you get a chance, will you clean off that table in the back with a wet rag? To her shock, I calmly explained that even though I was wearing a cow costume, I really wasn’t employed by Chic-fil-A. But I told her I’d let somebody know. I laughed and remembered the times I have asked red-shirted people at Target for help, to quickly find out that they don’t work there.

Well, it looks like we took second place for “largest herd” at dinner (14 total). They will let us know what that means later. When I went to ask if I could get a refill, the manager said, “Dressed like that , you can have anything you want.” I was thinking, “Wow. I think I got some brownie points (and their brownies are the best), but I better just stick with the refill.” However, when I asked the managers if they had heard of the Chick-fil-A song by Tim Hawkins, they had not. So, some of us (those who wanted to, and didn’t “chicken out”) proceeded to sing that cute song to them. They loved it, and said, “Ice cream for all the singers”. You know, he reminded me of my grandpa and grandma. They jokingly loved to have us “sing for our supper”!

3 Responses to “I Am a Fan of Chic-fil-A!”

  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    You guys take weird to an entirely Mooving level.. I can tell you my kids would rather starve than dress like that, so you must have either very hungry or compliant kids (or both)!! Good job.

  2. Organizing Mommy Says:

    P.S. Tim Hawkins is sooo hilarious. Thanks for introducing him to us. I can hardly stop laughing when I hear the song, “things you don’t say to your wife”.. kind of reminds me of growing up in the U.P. where guys actually said stuff like that.

  3. cc Says:

    At the time, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to be doing. Looking back,though,it wasn’t too bad! Free food is always fun!!!

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