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Grace’s Fall Revisited—5 Years Later-Happy 12th!

Where did I miss (in my extensive reading of parenting books) that 7-year-old children are prone to gash their legs on glass aquariums? Please, if you are a parent, be sure to warn your kids not to tip over your aquarium (used for terrarium, or “home for outdoor Roly-Polies and lizards”), and especially…NOT to stomp on it to remove any dirt from the bottom!

Five years ago, Grace managed to do this while we were all outside setting up some Christmas lights. I’ll never forget how each one of my kids was freaking out and screaming! I had to be calm. I knew from my first-aid classes the importance of that, but everything inside of me wanted to scream right along with them. There was an enormous amount of blood loss, and it had cut her shin to the bone. I told BC to call an ambulance, as I applied pressure with a towel, and lifted her leg up. When I didn’t feel a pulse in her leg, I was very concerned, and started praying aloud to God.

After that, I heard the ambulance. I’ll never forget when BC whispered to me that he was looking for the other part of her knee! By looking at it, you would have thought there was a huge piece missing, but glass cuts like a knife in butter, or a knife in an orange—it just opened up (sorry if that was more than you wanted to know). The E.M.T. reassured us that it was all there, and Grace was so sweet and happy…smiling as they placed her inside the ambulance. I rode with her, and BC stayed with the other kiddos. Grace was not acting like she was in pain. Uh-oh…she was in shock. We kept talking. She waved good-bye to the family, including our neighbor Kane, and we headed down the road. The guys in the ambulance gave her a little oxygen, and a doll. Wasn’t that sweet of them?

Well, we arrived at the hospital of their choice. It was one that specialized in trauma, but unfortunately, it was a rough-looking hospital. I was a little bit scared. However, I remembered that my jeans were covered in Grace’s blood, so I was feeling like I probably looked scary and tough too! I had been preparing myself for Paige’s cataract surgery that was two weeks away. I hadn’t prepared to sign consent forms for my other daughter at the hospital. They said they needed to put Grace out with anesthesia, so they could clean it out, and stitch it back up. She was so uncooperative, and scared. So, I hesitantly agreed to this plan of action (any parent, who has signed hospital consent forms, knows the awful feelings this can stir up).

Well, as I was sitting and praying for Grace in the waiting room (as they refused to let me go into the surgery room. Ugh!), a 12-year-old girl (the age of common sense kicking in, and the age Grace just turned today) came up and sat right next to me. She said: “Miss…are you okay…are you bleeding?” (she was looking at my blood-stained jeans), and I mumbled, “I wish…this is…my daughter’s blood. She fell through an aquarium, and cut her leg.”

Then, the most amazing thing happened: this smiling girl said, “Really? I did the same thing when I was seven (I hadn’t even told her that my daughter was seven.)! Do you want to see my scars?” Wow. I was in shock. She lifted up her jeans and showed me her 23 stitches that she had on her lower leg! Here she sat smiling, and telling me it was going to be okay. I really feel like the LORD sent her to me that night to encourage my fainting heart. Unbelievable.

Grace and I ended up staying the night. She ended up with seven stitches. She said, “They gave me seven, because I am seven years old!”. She also received a tetanus shot, and strong antibiotics. Grace recovered quite nicely, without any complications.

I praise the Lord that she is doing well. She has also turned into quite a graceful young lady. I must admit, I was worried there for awhile. She is quite the daring third child (a.k.a. “Danger Girl”). Who knows, maybe one day (by sharing her scars), she will encourage another mom.

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  1. bc Says:

    I remember two things vividly. Grace swooned when I picked her up off the ground where she lay after the accident…and, about a day after having the stitches removed, she said, “Look Daddy!” When I looked up, I noticed that Grace was standing on a chair. Before I had a chance to say anything like, “STOP!”, she jumped over the back of the chair and landed safely on the floor, wearing a huge smile of accomplishment. I proceeded to ask her to never repeat that endeavor.

  2. Nonnie Says:

    Oh, wow! I never heard the part about the girl who sat next to you in the ER! What a blessing and joy Grace is to all of us. Our girl has such an amazing smile, doesn’t she? I’m grateful the Father sent you a girl (an angel?) to bring you such sweet comfort at that time. All of your children are amazing!

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