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Boys Are Different…

Boys are different…

I remember talking with a friend who had boys, when I had my first son, and telling her, “So far so good. I don’t seem to see too many differences between them.” Then at about nine or ten months, I called her and said, “I am starting to see their differences. He really is daring. After he falls, he laughs…and proceeds to do the very same thing…all over again.” I wondered if this was normal. She assured me it was “normal” for a boy. I was relieved, yet I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Thankfully, I had my heart fixed!

I am really thankful that my boys asked for my permission before they would carry out some of their schemes. Particularly, the time Benjamin asked me if it was okay to take his three-year-old brother for a ride down the stairs! There Bradley sat…tied (with a jump rope) to a rocking chair at the top of the stairs! The funny weird thing was that Bradley was begging me to go down! I praise the Lord every time I think about what might have happened.

Then, there was the time Benjamin asked for permission to put a jump rope over the ceiling fan so he could try to fly. In all fairness, when I was a kid I thought I could fly too (I believe it was after I saw Peter Pan). So, I attempted to fly off of a desk. In reality, all I got was a scar (and a strong desire to hold off from showing this film to my kids…until they were able to separate fact from fiction).

I share these stories because I didn’t have a clue about the mischief they could do. But, they are incredibly sweet boys, and I am so glad they are mine!

Here is a recent picture of my oldest son (age 8). I heard a crash by the stairs and found him near the bottom. I said, “Son, tell me you were NOT sliding down the stairs in that thing (a pack-and-play baby bed mat)?”

His scary, and comical reply was: “Oh, no, I was just trying to see if I could climb up without my knees. This is great exercise, Mom!” He literally gave a new meaning to that pack and play, and discovered how important knees are!

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