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Relay For Life Fund-Raisers—2009: The Year of the Donkey!

This year for Relay, we had a Partylite candle party (20% going to Relay), a garage sale, and some sweet friends donated their lovely donkey collection (over 100). The kids attached a note on each donkey that read, “Thanks to your donation, cancer is on BURRO’D time!” (Heehaw…BC came up with that one!). We gave these out for a donation to A.C.S. during Cornyvall (We certainly were in the right place to give out such a corny thing).

At relay, we had two huge slides for $3 all night, or 25 cents per slide. We also had a bread basket, and sold tea at Relay. It feels great to raise money for A.C.S.

For fun, we had a donkey pinata, too. It added to our South Texas birthday party celebration at 1:30 A.M. The thought here was: “Thanks to A.C.S., more people are celebrating more birthdays.” The cancer survivors were the first ones up to bat. We do hope and pray that cancer is on burro’d time!

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    AND WE DO TOO. b&c

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