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My Dad Makes Me Laugh!

Posted under Admit One, LOL, The Unexpected, Those Are The Breaks! - May 11th, 09

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday! In honor of this wonderful man and awesome dad, I have to blog about a funny story that happened awhile back. The story I’m about to tell you has made me laugh so much over the years (and anyone who knows me, knows that I love to laugh). Okay, let’s rewind about 20 years…

I was a new driver, and my family and I were headed to Furr’s Cafeteria. I reminded everyone, as I got into my car, that I desperately needed to get some gas. So, my parents said they would follow me over, and put some gas in their car as well. My fiance (BC) and my brother J also decided to follow and wait for us there. I stopped at a small gas station in Lewisville, Texas called: “Big Tex”. I got out of my car and started to pump some gas. Then, my dad came over and said, “Why don’t you go in and pay, while I’ll finish pumping for you.” So, I went inside to pay for my gas with my Visa card.

“Oh, we don’t take no Visa!”, the man replied. Realizing (like it took about 1 second) that I had no cash with me, I ran outside to the soon-to-be-chaotic situation.

“Dad, they don’t take Visa!”, I yelled. My dad stopped pumping, and the total read: $1.93. “Oh my…”, I thought to myself, “…surely between three cars (five people) we can scrounge up enough money.” My parents were going to charge their gas, too. So, we were all looking under car seats, in ashtrays, and on the floor for some form of currency totaling $1.93. Some people don’t like change (like accepting credit cards for gasoline purchases), but it looks like change (as in loose change) is about all they were going to get from us on this day.

As I was continuing to count pennies, I heard my dad yell: “I’ve got it! I’ll go in and pay.” Well…in all of the confusion, I did not even think to put the gas pump back (probably because my dad had been pumping it…please no “blonde” comments). As I went forward in my car, I heard a funny noise. Now, I was very familiar with funny noises coming out of my car, so I did not check it out. But, I did happen to check out the rear-view mirror, and I saw my dad. Not only did I see my dad, but I saw him frantically waving his hands in the air, like he was doing jumping jacks. Did I also mention that he was standing amidst spewing gasoline? It looked like one of those crazy, out-of-control water-sprinklers.

My mind was racing…I could not believe my car troubles. I had rear-ended a woman the month before. Four months before that, I had skidded my car in the rain, and hit a speed limit sign (which broke two windows and messed up the side of my car—not to mention…it gave my younger sister a life-long fear of driving in the car with me!). As I shut the car down, I was feeling down…as I was thinking about my insurance premiums going up, along with my dad’s blood pressure. “Is he mad at me?”, I wondered.

Well, my sweet dad was smiling, as he reassuringly whispered, “Don’t worry”. I was so glad one of us had a tankful of good spirits, as we headed inside “Big Tex”. When we opened the door, the awful aroma of smoke could be smelled. My dad whispered to me, “I hope no one decides to light up, or rather—light me up!” We tried to explain the situation to the two Arabic men behind the counter; however, there seemed to be a language barrier. Both men were speechless. One of them gave me a piece of paper and said, “Name…number.” So, I scribbled down my name and number, including my insurance information.

As we walked out, there was a spirit of laughter. My dad has always worn a smile, even when he just so happened to be wearing gasoline! I was laughing, even though I felt like crying. As I got into my car to go to Furr’s Cafeteria, my sweet mom said that she wanted to ride with me. She knew me well (and still does), and she realized I was ready to cry my eyes out…underneath all of my chuckles. She reassured me that everything was going to be okay. I’m sure it was something encouraging…along the lines of: “Don’t cry over spilled gas.” When we arrived, I was feeling much better.

Okay…listen up…because this is the funny part (or punchline) of the story. We were all waiting in the crowded cafeteria line. My dad had taken off his sports jacket, and left it in the car, but he still reeked of gasoline! He knew it, and we knew it, and I think he just assumed (self-consciously) that everyone else could smell the gas on him. I guess that is what prompted my dad to announce (with his naturally loud voice), “If you smell gas, it’s me!” to the flabbergasted, church-going crowd. You should have seen the looks on the people’s faces—utter disgust! In fact, the people in line behind us either moved, or left. I gently whispered to my dad that he should really specify gasoline instead of gas. Oops! He said that he didn’t even realize what it had sounded like!

For the remainder of the meal (and day), we all laughed and laughed about his comical comment…until we cried! I can still hear my dad telling me how he literally had to pull over to the side of the road because of the tears created by his laughter! He could hardly see! Days, weeks, and even years went by and my dad went around smiling and saying, “If you smell gas, it’s me!” What a gas!

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  1. bc Says:

    I remember the day well. I still laugh when I think of it.

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