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Why I Relay…

Posted under Relay For Life, Remembering Loved Ones - Apr 19th, 09

You know, I sometimes wish I was a person who would have been helping out people with cancer before it hit home–our home–my eldest daughter…on April 19, 2002! When we needed to be comforted by someone who had been down this dark and unfamiliar road, the LORD provided countless people to give us hope (many at Relay). He also gave us “that blessed Hope”–the hope of all hope–Jesus Christ. I can’t thank Him enough for sparing my daughter’s life, and for drawing us ever-so-close to Him. All of us have seen the LORD at work, and have been amazed by His faithfulness and love. We know we are never alone, but being around other survivors at Relay is a real dose of encouragement!

My children are looking forward to Relay: staying up all night—talking and walking; eating and greeting; playing and praying. They love their sister, and “Relay” is a part of their world.  So, we have been to Relay every year now for the past seven years! Oh, I did miss one due to open-heart surgery, but the others were there. We were there, even when it wasn’t convenient…like the year I was on crutches with a broken foot! Can you tell that Relay means a lot to us?

So, we are planning to do this all-night-long Relay and hopefully raise lots of money for ACS! We will remember that dark time as we walk at night, and praise God for His light-giving Son when the sun appears! Pray for us that we would all remain healthy prior to, and during the event! Please also pray for these people who are undergoing treatment for cancer: Esther Joy (age 6) and Paxton (age 5), Ian (age 5), Tia Rosa, Linda, Eleanor, Mark, Jon, and there are so many on each team that are fighting right now. We will walk to support those who are too tired to walk.

“Paige” is my main reason to relay, but I also relay for these other precious survivors: Gloria, Aunt Beth, Cousin Ty, Uncle Mike, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Peggy, Bob, Olga, Carol, Hope, Gail, Reiko, Linda, Lori, Mayra, Caroline, Clarise, Cathy, Larry, Buddy, Uncle Al, Alicia, Cameron, Leslie, and Shelly. We will walk to honor those who have battled with cancer, and have walked in the darkness.

I also relay to honor and remember loved ones who have died and their families: Richard, Earl, Vieda, Bennie, Joyce, Timothy, Evan, Moriah, Worth, Kellen, Natalia, Kaitlyn. We will walk to remember them. Our hope is that they are all walking with Jesus!

Wow! That is a lot of people. What’s wrong with this picture? I am thankful that God sees the BIG picture, and that He is in control!


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    A wonderful blog/statement. We will be praying along with you all.

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