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Garage Sale: big deals…not just price cuts!

Yesterday and today, we had a garage sale to mark the seventh “anniversary” of the day we heard those words: “Your daughter has cancer!” We just praise the LORD for His mercy. All of our proceeds will be going to The American Cancer Society. It went pretty well yesterday, despite the early rain, and the ants. We even managed to sell a few brownies. However, just when the garage sale thing started to get “dull”…BAM…the unexpected happened: the glass pan holding the brownies either self-destructed or committed suicide (no eyewitnesses, just earwitnesses)!

Now, I have seen this phenomena before…with my own eyes…the memorable Thanksgiving when G.G.’s dressing exploded in the glass Pyrex pan (see this interesting article). We had to keep ourselves from exploding from lack of dressing (or is it the other way around?…Isn’t exploding largely due to eating too much dressing?) We are not exactly sure how to fully explain how this pan lost its temper, but we think it had something to do with the temperamental nature of glass to drastic temperature changes. Thankfully, nobody was harmed in our “exploding dressing” or “freak brownie accident.”

Well, today’s garage sale was extremely slow. Maybe it had something to do with the possibility that the wind blew my signs away, or someone (other than us) took the signs down. I didn’t double check to see if they were up until 5:00! Speaking of signs, I’m still wondering if our little incident should be viewed as a warning sign for the unpredictable nature of glass pans? Any thoughts on this one? But…we made about one hundred dollars, we cleaned out the garage a little (and every little bit counts), and we didn’t get hurt…nice day.

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  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    I admire anyone who can sit in their garage and sell things. I can not sit still anywhere, but especially not in the garage. I hope you made some cash from the deal.

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