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CC…the dog catcher!

Posted under Dog Adventures, LOL, The Unexpected - Mar 28th, 09

Today we went to Grandma’s house (about 45 minutes from our house). While we were on the road,  who do you think we saw?…two lost labs! Well, I looked over at BC and said, “Are those our dogs?” (meaning his cousin’s), and everyone agreed that they were. BC quickly called his cousin, and sure enough…they had gotten out earlier.

So, my next comment was, “Should I get out?” (this comment was based upon my previous post). Everyone smiled at this amazingly smart question. I know they were proud of Mommma for learning her lesson! Well, I did announce I was getting out, and thankfully, the dogs came over to us…all wet and muddy. They enjoyed a lovely ride in our front seat (windows down), and I was in the back. I really didn’t care…at least I was in the car! BC’s cousin met us out there, and took the dogs home. The funny thing was that I had on my favorite shirt that read, “I love my husband.” When we got back to grandma’s house, my uncle said: “So, I see you’ve got your dog catcher shirt on.” He always knows how to make me laugh!

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