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They’re Called Nose Pads, Not Nose Pieces!

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, Those Are The Breaks! - Mar 16th, 09

If you wear glasses, one thing that you may commonly have had to fix or replace is your nose pieces. I think the proper name for them is nose pads. After playing volleyball the other day, Paige and I both broke our nose pads. I was telling my six-year-old that Paige and I were going to get nose pieces, and he gave me a strange (and somewhat horrified look) exclaiming, “Why are you and Paige going to get your noses pierced? Do I have to get my nose pierced?”

I love to laugh…except when I am drinking liquid, and it comes out my nose (Ah…yet another reason I would not get my nose pierced). Thanks little guy (and I thought anyone who knows me would know that I would never get a nose ring!)

  • Note to self…they are called nose pads, not nose pieces!

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