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Laughter…getting…out of…”hand”!

The other night we were playing “UNO Spin” with the family. Benjamin decided he wanted to play with us. Previously, playing cards was not his “thing”. However, that night he thought he would “try his hand” at it. After we had explained the rules, we started the game. When it was Benjamin’s turn, I told him he needed to look at his “hand“. So, he proceeded to put his cards down on the table and stare at his own hand (naturally, with a look of confusion on his face)! Boy, did that boy single-handedly make me smile. Honestly, the laughs we got… out of…hand! Poor kids, they have to learn multiple meanings to so many words in the English language, don’t they?

One Response to “Laughter…getting…out of…”hand”!”

  1. bc Says:

    If you keep up with this humor, we’ll have to HAND you over to the police!

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