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The Cup Game Challenge

Posted under Games We Love To Play, Love To Learn, Traditions - Feb 17th, 09

One of our all-time favorite games to play is the Cup Game. I learned this when I was in high school, and had a blast playing with my sisters and brother. Bc and I had the privilege of seeing Rich Mullins perform this in concert to his song: “Screen Door on a Submarine”. Needless to say, we have been banging on cups for years. We still play this when we get together, and we try to convince others to play with us. However, just recently all of my children have become accomplished cup-players (like life wasn’t loud enough?). Yes, I do still have hopes that they will continue playing other instruments, but this was a happy night for me. I even had a headache, but was thrilled to hear my kids playing the cup game and singing songs (any song in 4/4 time should work with it). Some of our favorites include “I’ll Fly Away” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Here is the cup game link for how to play the cup game…I thought she did a good job describing it.

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