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Michelle’s scare, which is now just a scar!

Posted under The Unexpected - Feb 16th, 09

Ten long days ago, I took Michelle into the dermatologist. She had something on her arm that was hard to the touch. It didn’t look like a mole, but a scab. So, we went to check it out. The Dr. showed me, with her microscope, the suspicious blood vessel activity. She said it looked like it could be cancer. We were amazed. She told us to do a punch biopsy on it, so we did. Poor Michelle…she was a trooper, and got three stitches! Then the waiting began , and the prayers.

Today, we just got back from the dermatologist, and we have great news.  Michelle is fine…her mysterious mole was benign. Praise God! It’s interesting to note how this doctor was convinced it was cancer, and Paige’s doctors (the first two) didn’t want to even whisper the “cancer” word. We are so thankful that God is all-knowing, and He truly won’t give us more than He can’t handle.

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