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A Texas Tall Tale: A Look at Hail, and a Whale

Posted under LOL, Love To Learn, My Kids Make Me Smile - Feb 11th, 09

Last night, we had some hail. It reminded me of a similar time a few years back…

One day in South Texas, we had a “gully-washer” (a.k.a. downpour of rain)!┬áIt sounded like my kids were banging on the walls. I looked outside to see grape-sized hail coming down. I yelled upstairs, “Everyone…come down and see hail!” Benjamin slowly came down and said to me, “But momma, I thought Jesus saved us from hell!” We live in the South, and I guess I have more of an accent than I thought! However, it gave me a chance to better explain that concept. Never assume anything!

Here’s another “whale” of a story:

One time when Paige and Michelle were small, Paige happened to be sick and was running a fever. When I told Michelle that Paige was “all well” . She looked at me in disbelief and asked, “Paige turned into a whale?” Boy howdy, y’all need to git me outta Texas! I’m just kidding; however, I would like to think that my accent isn’t that severe! Aren’t children (and homophones) punny?

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  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    ROFL!! You southerner! I get picked on all the time for the northern accent, but I think the southern one sounds a lot funnier!

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