The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

I won!

I entered my name for a drawing for a free ticket to a Christian Film Festival in San Antonio, TX—I won! (Now I can’t say I never won anything.) I had wanted to go, but knew I couldn’t go alone. It really did not make sense for me to even enter the contest, but I did. I was ready to tell the ticket-giver to give it to someone else because I  wouldn’t be able to go by myself, but I called bc. He was so incredible. He asked me to find out how much it would cost for him to come along (an anniversary celebration). What a blessing! So, as I was asking about purchasing another ticket for my best bud, the kind man told me…”Well, you won two tickets, you know.” I thought that was so awesome!

We absolutely love supporting movies that share Jesus with others and support the family, not to mention ones that you can actually watch with the family. We were able to hear from some wonderful speakers:

Steven Kendrick (Producer of Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel);

Kirk Cameron (Remember Growing Pains?, AlsoFireproof);

Dean Jones (Disney’s Herbie and many (like 45) others. He was presented with the “lifetime achievement award”, and we were able to view the world-premiere of Abraham (played by Mr. Jones) and Isaac. It was wonderfully done!The integrity of all of these men was wonderful to see, especially someone finishing strong for the Lord.

We also heard from the Von Trapp Family Singers…the grandchildren of the children of the real Captain and Maria Von Trapp (of the Sound of Music—like one of my favorite things—I have seen this long and lovely movie thousands lots of times.) It was wonderful to be able to talk to his great-grandkids. Kurt (the “incorrigible”-unruly-one) was their grandpa. They sang beautiful acapella music together. I had hoped that my entire family could be there. We tried to see how much that would cost (a little over $200/day). Well, we couldn’t do it, as the calendar currently reads…January. We think we will plan ahead for next year and bring the entire family as most of their Christmas gifts. It was just that wonderful. We did buy (and had the Von Trapps autograph) their DVD and CD. They were so sweet. I told one she yodeled great. I did refrain from telling her that cute yodeling joke…you know:…

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Little old lady.”
“Little old lady who?”
“I didn’t know you could yodel!”

I asked another what part she sang: alto, and asked the boy if he got tired of signing his name. I told them we have enjoyed their music, and we took a picture with three of them. I also met their mom, and Sophie (the oldest). I put in my request for “So Long, Farewell,” but she said they did not have the accompaniment for that one.

The Dugger Family, with their 18 beautiful children, were also there. Tons of homeschool families entirely filled up the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. A 19-year-old homeschooler was the winner of $101,000 as his film (I believe he produced, wrote and starred in): The Widow’s Might won the most money ever given out at a Christian Independent Film Festival.

We had a wonderful time watching movies and relaxing while strolling down the Riverwalk and eating out. Bc’s mom had given us a Chili’s gift card, and we had such a nice time. She also helped out with our children. They enjoyed spending time with her, and staying up…(yikes…even with one who started throwing up on Saturday night). She is so willing to help out, even if she might get sick. She is such a treasure! Unfortunately, the stomach virus Bradley had earlier was contagious for a longer period of time. Silly momma, I thought we had somehow managed, through washing hands and such, to stop the dreaded throw-up bug from spreading. However, this is a typical January for us; We usually say “Merry Christmas!”, and then…”Happy Valentine’s Day!” Another child vomited last night…that’s three. Well, the Lord knows I would love to sleep in my own bed, but I also know that the Lord knows a lot more than I know. And that thought truly is comforting (unlike the couch). Oops…I need to take my grumbling thoughts captive. Prayerfully, the bug will stop here.

Oh, I have been sleeping near the precious ones—who happen to be sick— in order to help them find the bowl (No, I haven’t had to offer my hands). I have discovered that I only hear one cough as my warning (thankfully, I am a light sleeper). I have a glow stick inside the big bowl. This has been helpful for quick finding because I can barely see at night without my glasses; and, I need to be ready in a minute (more like three seconds) if I want to protect the couch, floor, and covers (which I do…to save me from more work). So, this seems to work for me.

When the spider bites, when the bee stings, when we have stomach flu…

We simply remember our favorite things and then we don’t feel so blue!

One of my “favorite things” is not a thing, but a person…Jesus Christ. How He wants us to remember Him!

So long…farewell…good niiiiiiiight!

3 Responses to “I won!”

  1. Nonnie Says:

    Wow! I’ve loved reading your blogs. It always makes me feel like we’ve sat down together and laughed and laughed. What a blessing it is to hear your new stories and relive the old (snow inside and out) stories. Wonderful! Thank you, sweetheart.

  2. Organizing Mommy Says:

    Congratulations!! You must be so excited!! The Lord is good and knows just what we need.

  3. Paige » Sick January! Says:

    […] last wrote, he got sick again. Then, Grace got sick on Saturday-the weekend my parents were at the Christian Film Festival. Faith got sick two days later and she was sick for a week, just like Bradley. I’m surprised […]

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