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“Use the FORK, Luke!”

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile - Dec 17th, 08

When Benjamin was young, he took a long time to potty train. He was really into astronauts and space. So, when he found out that astronauts wore diapers in space—he told me he didn’t mind being in diapers because he was going to be an astronaut. I quickly told him that astronauts live on Earth too, and that I was quite certain that they were all potty-trained!

Nevertheless, it took awhile. We (as well as Grandma) bribed him with toys. We told him he could pick out a toy when he was potty-trained for a month. So, he went with us, and got a toy. When he went with Grandma, he got a big “Luke Skywalker” plane that made noise and said: “Use the force, Luke.”

He loved that cool plane, and had no idea what was meant by this recorded comment. I guess we weren’t into Star Wars, so that obviously wasn’t his frame of reference. He walked around saying: “Use the fork, loose” . After we told him the guy was named Luke, he would say: “Use the FORK, Luke!” We have really laughed about this comment.

Today, I was reminded of how tragic this really could be when I received an e-mail with a picture of a little boy who was running with a fork. It was awful. The fork made it through the poor little guy’s nose. Talk about force! He seemed to be doing well, and had three tiny scabs in the middle of his cute nose! I showed my boys the picture and said, “Now, this is why we don’t run with anything in our hands!” Sometimes a picture is very helpful when you have little ones who doubt that stuff like that ever happens.

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