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The Christmas it Snowed on the Inside, and the Outside!

Posted under LOL, The Unexpected, Those Are The Breaks! - Dec 17th, 08

During one of our Christmas Play practices, some children mentioned the possibility of using styrofoam peanuts to make it look like snow. I quickly shot that idea down. Yes, I know it sounds like harmless fun, but I have a true story to tell.

It was Christmas Eve…2004

We (the older women-my mom and three sisters) went shopping on Christmas Eve. Apparently, we did this when we were younger, and mom wanted to get us each a new pair of pajamas like old times. Moms are sweet aren’t they? We had such fun! I felt like such a kid. You should have seen my delighted face as I found “footsie” pajamas in the ladies department. Now remember, I was that child who cried when she realized she was too big to wear footsie pajamas (they didn’t make them in my size anymore). So, it was a happy day. We each found our “dream” pajamas. My twin also got a pair so we could match. We all had some fun, and we were heading back home.

Meanwhile, back at home things were not as happy. The six menfolk were in charge of the eleven children. There was also a football game on. Need I say more? Disaster happened…no waiting involved. I think it was right after we had left, when a certain delivery was made. It was a huge box with a ham and a ton of pink styrofoam peanuts packed inside. Some of the younger children (some were mine) assured their grandfather that mom lets them play with styrofoam peanuts ALL the time (Clarification: I did let them play with a colored styrofoam that you build things with using a tiny bit of water. Too much water equals total disintegration. It was a fun art project). So, when they wanted to try packing themselves by jumping (one at a time) into the box of packing material, the young grandkids posed this seemingly harmless question: “Can we play with these peanuts? Mom lets us all the time.”

I think you might be laughing right now if you have any experience with the extreme mess capabilities of styrofoam. We laughed later…much later. When we walked in…the living room floor, hallway walls, all the furniture, our luggage, and our menfolk and kids were covered with styrofoam snow. I wish someone would have taken a picture. It was a sight. We smiled at first; however, tired sad faces did not smile back. They told us they had been cleaning for hours. Our smiles quickly faded. It was Christmas Eve, minus the Christmas cheer! We contributed to the clean up “working for peanuts”. It was so hard because of the static electricity. These little pieces were sticking to everything and would move when you tried to pick them up. Someone was vacuuming, and then we lost power. Two streets in my parents neighborhood lost power. It was Christmas Eve. We had a candlelight service, and we couldn’t cook the meal because we were out of power. To make matters worse, several of us were feeling ill. On Christmas Day, it snowed! We said we would never forget the Christmas that it snowed on the inside and outside!

Ever since that day, I have never looked at a piece of styrofoam in the same way. That next Christmas, we had an old bean bag that had a hole in it. For a gift/memento, my children and I had fun filling up the clear, glass ornaments with the bean bag filler (it looked and acted just like the styrofoam). Then, I wrote on the ornament “Snow”~ Christmas 2004”. That year we were all able to laugh!

So, last Tuesday, we were putting up ornaments on our tree and I found the “Snow” ornament. It was missing a hanger. When I went to put a ribbon through it, it slipped out of my lap, onto the floor, and CRASH…broken ornament! “Awww…of all the ornaments, did it have to be that one?” I grumbled. Our youngest didn’t help when he blew on the Styrofoam. So, I cleaned up my mess, and I had to laugh, too (you know, bc said that was his favorite part!) because it could have been worse!

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  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    Maybe you were ill from inhaling styrofoam? Thanks for the tip. If I ever leave my husband and children home, I’ll warn them not to throw styrofoam around, while watching football! UGH.

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