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Thanksgiving is not over…and Christmas came early!

This is a copy of an email I sent out yesterday. I don’t think I could ever forget such a day, and my heart is still gushing forth with thanksgiving. We have received kind and encouraging words replied from the email, and I really think the house could burn down, and I would still be smiling (I better check those old lights, though).

Seriously, I truly wish that Paige and I could just sit in Dr. P’s waiting room everyday, encouraging other kids with cancer (and their families) that we have a God who hears our prayers. It was both happy and sad going back to the doctor’s office the other day. Happy…because not all of our memories were sad. Sad…because many memories were incredibly sad. Not to mention, there was a new group of bald kiddos sitting in there, and worried, germaphobic (feveraphobic) moms looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. They were thrilled to hear that Paige only comes once a year now. They are there at least three days every week. We do remember and we try to look for opportunities to encourage and pray, because reality is that some survive and some don’t. We choose to hope to the end! Here’s that email:

~Note~ “Today” refers to (12-03-08)…I meant to send this
earlier. :-)

Hello everyone,
Today, I went for my yearly scans (chest x-ray, bone scan, and MRI), and check-up with Dr. P. Well, praise the LORD…everything is normal! Also, Dr. P said that I won’t need to have my yearly scans anymore (just blood work once a year)! Thanks for praying. It’s been a great day!

It really has been a great day. Paige and I have cried happy tears of celebration. Last night, we were praying and talking about asking Dr. P to let us lower the frequency of her scans…somehow (once every two or three years?)…in order to limit risks from excessive radiation. Today, when Dr. P walked into the room, the first thing he said was: “No more scans again.” Paige and I scanned each other, and then Dr. P (in disbelief).

“Ever?” I asked. As he was nodding his head: “Yes”, Paige and I jumped up and we all had a group hug—and thanked the Lord! What an answer to prayer! That is evidently the protocol after 5 years of clear scans…after finishing chemotherapy. In our “daze” of cancer days, we never really expected to hear those words. We assumed scans for life. Wow!

God is so good—even if I were tearfully writing to tell you different results from her scans today. Also, please know that we do realize there are no guarantees for any of us in this world. Our securities rest in the marvelous Creator of this world, and the Maker of us, and most importantly…the Taker of our sin…through our Father’s Holy Son…Jesus!  Be encouraged. He hears our prayers. Please thank the Lord Jesus for His grace and mercy! Thank you all for your faithful prayers. Please continue to pray for families who have lost a loved
one…particularly at this time of year. Also, let us continue praying
for God to be glorified in each of our lives; and let us know how we can
pray for you specifically.

Psalm 42:11  Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

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  1. Jena Webber Says:

    Praise the Lord for the great news!! The Lord Jesus is so wonderful!!

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