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Big Families

On Friday night (at Costco), we met a family with 14 children. I told them we were a small “large family” when compared to them. I love being in a big family, and having a big family too. Over the years I have endured many comments from complete strangers. Here are some of them and my reactions:

1.) Man (upon seeing us at Sears): “What kind of vehicle do y’all drive?”

Me: “A Suburban.”

Man: “Two of them?”

2.) About a year ago, I was at the grocery store on a Friday night. I had all the children, and two baskets     of food.

Man: “Boy howdy, is it ‘slumber party night’ at your house?”

Me: “Actually, every night is ‘slumber party night’!”

3.) “You certainly have your hands full!” Check out my post where my hands were literally full.

Me: “And my heart too.”

( At the time, this was especially comical to me because I had three—or half—of my children with me.)

4.) “Are ALL of those YOURS?”

Sometimes, I am tempted to jokingly tell them that I just decided to pick up some of the kids in the neighborhood to help me shop, but I usually smile, nod, and say, “yes”.

Once someone asked me that question as we were leaving Chic-fil-A. I turned around and said, “yes..all of…wait those two on the end…are not mine (and they really weren’t). I asked these two small children why they were following us and they said that it looked like we were having fun and they thought we were a day care and wanted to follow us. Scary, huh?

5.) “I bet life is never boring at your house”

6.) “You look good…for having six children

Me: “Uh…thanks” (I never know how to take that one. Is it a compliment or not? What exactly should I   look like?)

7.) “You have got to be crazy?”

Me: “Yes, I am crazy…about my kids!”

8.)”Don’t you guys watch t.v.?”

My younger children generally would confirm their question by asking, “Momma, what’s a t.v.?” Their frame of reference was watching a video or DVD.

9.) Probably the dumbest of all is the question:

“Do you know what causes it?”

Are they trying to be funny, or do they really think I am that ignorant.

10.) Doctor: “Don’t you know how costly children are?”

Me: “Yes, my children are treasures!”

11.) “Wow, your kids are so well-behaved!”

Me: “Anything bad you see is from us, anything good you see is from the LORD.”

12.) At a restaurant:

Woman from the table next to us: “I’ve been watching these kids. They talk so sweetly to one another. Are they brothers and sisters, or friends?”

Me: “Both!”

13.) Then there is always:

“You got your own baseball team (minus one), or basketball team (with one sub)”. I guess we would need a family of four to make a soccer team.

14.) I do also hear the kind comment, “You are blessed”; and, I have to agree with them too. I consider each child a blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you heard similar questions? Do you have anything to share? I’d love to hear your comments.

3 Responses to “Big Families”

  1. marcie Says:

    CC I just found your comment after going back through the entire month. I’m really sorry I didn’t see it before. Now I have to ask you… Do I know you? Do you have more than a little wisdom in your family?

    I skimmed over a few of your blogs, not sure of the kids names. have we recently corresponded about De Smet? If you say yes, I’ll say ….duh!

  2. Cc Says:

    Yes, we have recently corresponded about De Smet. Sorry to confuse you with all of the nicknames. We thought it would be “wise”.

  3. CC Says:

    I heard a new one the other day when I was at Costco.
    A guy I knew from high school said: “How did get six kids? Seriously, how did it happen?

    Boy, that was awkward. I think I was even blushing as I stammered out: “Uh…well…God has blessed us!”

    He then asked me if I had twins or something, which explained his question a bit better. I was glad I didn’t have to go into specifics:)

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