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The Case of the missing case

Posted under Admit One, Love To Learn, The Unexpected - Nov 21st, 08

For the past week, we have all been looking for the case to a library DVD that teaches you how to sign. We have had NO success. I even rechecked it to give us more time. Well, I was wondering if I should take this loss as a sign—no more library DVDs! I was just sure that case was going to cost me more…more embarrassment and more money.

I guess I should remind you that I mentioned I would post the next time I had to pay a library fine (that is the only reason I am posting this). Well, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to be charged only one dollar for the case. We had looked everywhere (except the trash). The time we spent…for one dollar! I usually try to be frugal, but now I’m not sure if I will worry so much about it next time. Maybe there won’t be a next time; however, I just said that ten days ago about library fines. Oh well…love to live and learn!

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