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I’m Late…I’m Late…I thought I knew the due date!

Posted under Admit One, The Unexpected - Nov 10th, 08

I’m usually right on time with things like doctor and dental appointments. This is most likely due to the fact that some of them will charge me if I am late, and/or even cancel my appointment. But generally, I’m usually “running late” (and I am literally running) everywhere else. Sometimes, we even run a little late to church. Yeah…I’ll never forget the time we walked in late and everyone was singing the hymn “Be In Time”. That hurt!

Many times, I was even late in delivering some of my children. I went past their due date. The other day I went past our library due date. I thought I was pretty good at avoiding unnecessary charges, but I was wrong. Something that I really struggle with is turning our library books/videos/DVDs in on time. Okay, so I am publicly admitting my tardiness on rechecking these items. I have had to pay small fines over the years, but recently I might have set the world record on highest library fine paid. This is really sad because I thought I had rechecked them online (We are serious readers…like 70 books per week). Then, I found out (7 days later) that they were late. Ouch! So, I went to the library and “re-checked” the late items. When I say I “rechecked”, it means that I paid two huge library fines with two checks! No, I think it was just one check and some cash. That really hurt. Whenever you have to pay for something that could have been avoided…it’s always painful. However, maybe it will teach me a lesson. Here are my receipts:

In my quest to be frugal, this is simply unacceptable. By admitting this “not-so-fine” fault of mine, I plan to post a “fine” blog the next time I get a library fine. I really hope those last two were the final ones. I think I need some verbal harassment accountability or something, and maybe this self-imposed humiliation will create that for me (because a $34.45 library fine is not really fine with me!).

2 Responses to “I’m Late…I’m Late…I thought I knew the due date!”

  1. Kane Says:

    $35?!?! Wow. Well I won’t say anything else about it, unless you change your mind about needing verbal harassment. :)

  2. Jena Webber Says:

    I’m pretty sure I have you beat on library fines. The worst part is–I don’t even feel guilty. For real. I think of it as a non-taxdeductible donation to a good cause. LOL. Do you think I ought to take life more seriously?? In fact, whenever we return books, I send the kids along with a $5.00, just in case… Middle age. It’s great.

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