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Cloudy with a Chance of Cheerios!

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, The Unexpected - Nov 7th, 08

When I was a mother of five children (age 7 and under), the days were sweet, but also chaotic at times. I had to come to grips with the fact that my house would not be (or even hope to stay clean) for more than an hour at a time. I was okay with that, but when the doorbell rang, fear rang out inside of me!

I will never forget the morning when my youngest (Benjamin) got a hold of the Cheerios box and shook it like a toy…back and forth, up and down…vigorously! Much to his surprise, Cheerios went flying everywhere (dining room and living room). One of the girls said, “Look, it’s raining Cheerios!” We all laughed—even me…I was the one that left the Cheerios box within his reach (Never underestimate what a baby can do…and in five seconds!).

Our laughter subsided when we heard the doorbell…Yikes! I’m still in my pajamas! This room is a mess. No, this house is a mess! As I looked out the window, relief swept over me (but I’m sure I wished it would have swept up my house too). The visitor was a friend: A mother with eight children. I knew she would understand the daily (sometimes messy) joys of life with little ones. She really encouraged me that day. She told me that it does get easier, and I have found her advice to be true.

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