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Nonnie’s Poem

Posted under How God Provides, My Kids Make Me Smile, Poetry - Nov 3rd, 08

My mom is a great writer and I love to hear and read her stories, poems, and thoughts. She also writes beautiful music. Music that touches my heart. Here is a sweet and moving poem she recently finished about Paige going through cancer.

The Dancer

(for Paige)

Laughing, twirling gush of girl

dances with upturned face

at half-past eight.

No sign is seen – no warning noted.

She spins like ribbon unfurling,

giggles like tinkling chimes.

Without fair notice

renegades ascend the stage

to snatch, to seize, to grasp

with gasping pain.

All eyes fall on the dancer,

who sinks alone on darkest stage.

But then the Light – that single spot –

shines to document her freedom.

Great cheers erupt as she arises

at half-past ten to dance again –

Not in youth’s wild frolic,

but in grateful celebration

with deliberate joy –

still laughing, twirling gush of girl.

With love forever, Nonnie

One Response to “Nonnie’s Poem”

  1. Jena Webber Says:

    thanks. That was well -written, and it’s meaning is so precious.

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