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Only a momma would…

Posted under LOL, The Unexpected, You Know You're A Mom When... - Oct 30th, 08

Okay, yesterday I took my boys in for their immunizations. I guess Benjamin (along with the food in his stomach) got a little worked up (internally) about the shot. Externally, he didn’t appear worried at all. It’s also possible that he had an allergic reaction. As we were leaving the room (two minutes after shot) he said, “Momma, I’m tired”.

“Really?” I asked (in shock…he is boundless energy).

I was getting ready to checkout, but quickly decided to check out Benjamin before he “checked out”. I looked at him. He was pale. I was by the checkout desk—next to another lady. I quickly asked the receptionist, “Do you have a bag, I think he’s going to throw up?”

She shook her head no and told me the bathrooms were down the (long, far away) hallway. At that moment, I heard him start to throw up. So, to avoid throwing up on a.) the nicely-dressed woman next to us or b.) the receptionist with all her nice paperwork—I could only see one not-so-nice option in that hurried moment. As I noticed their floors had carpeting (nice crazy, huh?) I chose option c.) I cupped my hands and said, “Here son, throw up in my hands”…to which he did.

The pharmaceutical sales rep. next to us was totally grossed out (trust me…I was too). I think my strange comment and what followed might have sent her in shock. She didn’t look well either. (I can’t believe I did that! I wonder if that lady is telling someone about the weird mom at the doctor’s office yesterday.) We managed to walk over to the nearest trash can, and he threw up a little more. Poor guy…he didn’t look well at all.

A nurse led us to a room and sat him down to check his pulse with some kind of helpful new gadget she put on his finger. (In case you were wondering…I washed my hands at this point.) However, I didn’t wash my hands from the situation. After three failed attempts to get a reading on his pulse, I said, “Excuse me, but I can tell by looking at him, that his pulse is down. Look at his huge pupils, and pale face. I am going to lay my son down on this bed, and raise his feet while you try to take his pulse.” It was obvious to me that Benjamin was in shock. Two nurses were now trying to take his pulse. They both agreed that this helpful machine needed to be checked out (as it wasn’t working). (Technology is nice, but always have a back-up.) I mentioned taking his blood pressure. So, they took his blood pressure with a blood pressure cuff: It was 40/60. That’s low. He rested (for about 15 minutes) and had a Pedialite popsicle. Thankfully, his coloring was coming back, and he didn’t feel as dizzy. We made it through a shocking day involving heaving while we were leaving. Thank the LORD, Benjamin is doing much better. Praise the LORD, Benjamin gave me some warning before he might have fainted in the parking lot, or worse.

My sweet boy turns eight tomorrow. When each of my children have turned eight, I have felt a sharp nudge in my heart: A memory of Paige at eight years with cancer. Maybe this is why I said, and did what I did yesterday. As a mom, I have a high “vomit-tolerance” level. We had many experiences with vomiting from the chemotherapy, and we had good and not-so-good nurses. (Although, I never remember offering my hands as a bowl before.) I am again reminded to give thanks for each day, for each precious child, for the privilege of mothering, and most of all…for the loving hands of my Saviour and LORD…Jesus Christ.

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  1. Jena Webber Says:

    You are “catching” a high five from me. Good job on the barf catching. It’s really a useful skill, even though resumes never ask for it. LOL. Poor guy!! Hope he is recovering well. With six kids.. was it the flu? or really a reaction?

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