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Six Random Things I Have Learned Recently…

Well, I have been “tagged” by a fun blogger, Jena Webber. I really enjoy reading her blog. She has some great ideas, and she always makes me laugh.

I have never been tagged in a non-physical way. No, wait…maybe I have. I have been tagged as “crazy”, “fun-loving”, and “corny” by many. Apparently, this is one of those terms I’m not quite sure I understand. I think I need to answer the same question and then tag other people when I am done. Here I tag is out!

Six Things I Have Learned Recently:

1.) I never knew thirty-two countries had compulsory voting. I just found that out, and as you might have noticed (if you clicked on these links), there is a discrepancy between these two sites. Now, I have learned it is just over twenty countries that have compulsory voting. So, I guess I have modeled the importance of learning to double check your facts! Not to sound compulsory, but GO VOTE! Bc and I went on Monday…only 30 minutes!

2.) I have recently experienced how wonderful it is to focus on the good qualities of my husband. He is not perfect, and he knows it. I am definitely not perfect, and I know it. By choosing to focus on the good, we are encouraging one another and hopefully building each other up (and strengthening our marriage), as opposed to tearing each other down. This same idea applies to our children too!

3.) Those “starter” camera SD cards do not hold a lot of memory (kind of like me), but you can buy some that will hold a lot of memory (like my kids…no, they are not for sale). Yes, I have personally verified that children definitely have more memory capacity than adults. My nine-year-old has just memorized all of the Presidents of the U.S.A….in order. Way to go Faith, and the others constantly ease their way through Bible and poetry memorization.

4.) I feel like sometimes I can be discouraging to expectant mothers when they ask for advice. I recently disappointed myself by offering trivial advice at a baby shower last weekend. She asked us to write down our advice to her on the upcoming birth of her first son and baby number three. Generally, when I get together with my sisters (two were there), we always have fun; but, I sometimes act silly and give out silly advice. Here was my advice:

  1. Don’t let yourself get outnumbered…oops. I was kidding about that one.
  1. Germ gel may be helpful in the removal of stains, especially silly putty (Do I sound like the voice of experience, here?)
  2. Buy your son’s pants and jeans at Sears because they have a wonderful program where they will replace your child’s jeans if they tear or become worn out before the child outgrows them.
  3. As a general rule, always have your child ask your permission before they do anything.
  4. Love them because they will need it. WARNING: This one might be the most challenging of them all.

As I look back over the advice I gave, it isn’t very encouraging (more like discouraging). I’m pushing germ gel and Toughskin jeans. Where was my mention of praying for help to a loving Father who hears and cares and gently leads those who are with young?  I believe with all my heart that the LORD won’t give us more than He can’t handle! I believe children are treasures and gifts from God. I know I, personally, was encouraged by other moms when they would tell me that it does indeed get easier. I have to say that I was disappointed in myself for my somewhat alarming and immature advice. I plan on giving her a revised “advice card”

5.) I recently learned how to open the hood of our Suburban, and that “Fonzie” had the right idea about banging on something to make it work (I don’t suggest this method with everything).

6.) On Monday night, I was sent an email stating that our Relay For Life Committee Meeting was to be held at my house the following night. I thought they had secured a different meeting place. After I picked myself up off the floor, I discovered how fast we can really pick up when we all pitch in (It’s not as exhausting; however, it’s not as exhaustive…as in thorough) The cleaning time was cut in half, just by our combined efforts.

There it is ! So now I think it is a Guden Tag (Good day in German) for tagging Bc, Paige, Michelle, Grace.

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  1. Jena Webber Says:

    Good qualities in your BC–that’s always good to remind ourselves of. We need that once in a while. Also, the guests coming over clean up the house–that’s one of the great benefits of having people over–a clean house!!

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