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Talking Trash

Today, I have spent a fair amount of time searching for something small…something that was seen yesterday…and something that is important. It’s a part to my Magic Mill (it grinds our wheat). Yesterday, we baked bread, pizza rolls, and cheese twists for dinner (baking is always such fun). Today, we finished the clean up (which never seems to be as much fun).

After describing the part that was missing, I enlisted the help of all the children for a search and rescue mission. I was pleased when one of my daughters was honest enough to tell me that she threw it away yesterday; she thought it was trash. I was pleased about her honesty and the fact that the trash had not yet been picked up, but I was not pleased about the thought of having to search through the nasty trash. So, I dug deep and went digging through the trash. Believe me, if you think I enjoyed this you are grossly mistaken. I am talking…spaghetti noodles-gross! At least I only had to feel through two bags before I found the missing piece.

Would it surprise you if I told you this wasn’t the first time I have had to hunt for my treasures in my trash? My first recollection of trash digging was when I was in eighth grade. I threw away my retainer in the lunch cafeteria (I had the hardest time retaining that thing). Well, I did not refuse to rummage through the refuse that embarrassing day.

A few years ago, we didn’t know why all of our forks were disappearing. Then, we discovered that Bradley was throwing away his fork with his paper plate. Then, our phone was thrown away. We found it by calling the phone finder. You know, I actually remember being quite happy when my young children learned to throw things away. They were good at it too, and would constantly ask me if they could throw away stuff. Looking back, I’m glad they asked!

Do you want to hear something really gross? One day, Benjamin’s toothbrush fell into the bathroom trash can. I saw him pick it up and put it on the counter. I quickly told my 4-year-old that I needed to know when that happens—so I can clean the germs off of his toothbrush or put on a new replacement head. Then he said, “Oh, Momma, your toothbrush fell in the trash can a few days ago.” Nice, huh?

In your life experiences, is there something that was worth the effort of rummaging through the trash? Please tell me I am not the only one who did not feel it was a waste of time to dig through a wastebasket. By the way, I washed my hands and I used the powerful germ gel today.

This trash can reminds me of another trash story involving a skunk. I’ll let Mom or my sisters comment on this one.

I am so thankful that God dug through the “trash” and found me. You know what they say, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”

Ecc 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:
Ecc 3:6 a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away,

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  1. Jena Webber Says:

    Yes, we dig through the trash all the time for something! I can hardly believe it. I’m just glad you found whatever it was for your mill.

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