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My dad…Vice President…Cool!

My mom and dad came for a visit this past weekend. We had a great time! I love it when we sit around and tell old stories. I sure laugh a lot! We try to solve the world’s problems…and that’s pretty funny too! One of the reasons I blog is to record these funny stories for my children to enjoy now and later on down the road.

Lately, we have been studying the presidents. We have seen that some people (even  Vice Presidents) may view the Vice Presidency as an unimportant job, but history reveals that 1 out of 5 of our Presidents have been replaced by the V.P (or should I say…V.I.P.).

I will never forget the day I received a call from my Dad, and he said he was the Vice President of his company. I got off the phone and Paige (age 7) had overheard my conversation. With big eyes, she excitedly said, “Hey y’all, ‘Uh-Oh,’…”(No mistake…this is what she named my sweet dad due to a song he would sing to her when she was 2; he has never seemed to mind it)”…he is the Vice President of the United States of America!” He held an obviously important title…even my 7 year old recognized that! The next time we saw him, I played a little bit of “Hail to the Chief” for this very special man.

He may not have been the Vice President of the U.S.A., but he is someone who has been more important to me than any President ever could…he is my daddy! One reason he has been so important is that he has a relationship with Jesus Christ, the most important Man in my life. Like the President, he has power, but doesn’t abuse it. With wisdom and love, he has used his veto. He cherishes his beautiful wife (the gracious and loving First Lady…commonly called “Honey Bun”), who also, at times, presides as the helpful and wise Vice President. He loves his five children, and all of the other “fruits” (J.K.) on our family tree. He is a man I have always looked up to (not just because he is 6 foot 4 inches), but because he has a kind heart that is willing to pardon, and he stands up for what he believes in!

He is my strong daddy, whom I will always think of when I hear the song “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing my God cannot do…” Mom and Dad sang that one with us all the time, and I loved singing with them. What sweet lessons on where our Strength comes from! I remember all the songs we would sing…serious and silly. Our lives were one big musical, and intermission happened when I married, but the musical began again…yet with a few new actors and actresses appearing on stage. I recently remember Dad and Mom saying that one of the things they missed the most, after we all married or left home, was the singing we would do together.

Doesn’t every little girl want to grow up and marry daddy? I am doubly blessed to have my dad around, and for the blessing BC is in my life and in the lives of our children. Thank you LORD for giving me these wonderful and strong men in my life.

Speaking of strong…today, I was reminded of my husband’s love and strength. I was trying to help another woman get her car jump-started. I am embarrassed to say that I couldn’t even open the hood of our Suburban. That’s sad. I was feeling like I needed to be jump-started! I did pull the release switch (just in case you were thinking, “This lady is a total loser!”), but it was still stuck. Somehow (totally unknown to me), her 10-year-old boy managed to open the hood (he wasn’t even sure how he did it).

When I arrived home, my conversation with hubby went like this:

I asked BC, “How in the world do you get our hood opened?”.

He said, “Actually it’s broken. You have to push the latch and hit the hood at the same time.”

“Like the ‘Fonz’?”, I asked.

To which he replied, “Yes”. (I should have asked him for the thumbs up sign, right? It’s been so long since I ‘ve seen “the Fonz”.)

Well, hey…happy days are here again, as I realized that my husband’s strength is so apparently cool. It’s also cool that he has taken good care of our vehicles. You know, my dad can snap like “the Fonz”, and my husband can fix things like “the Fonz”. I  have never seen these remarkable similarities between my dad, my husband, and “the Fonz”.  By the way, I am thankful these are the only similarities among them and “the Fonz”.

2 Responses to “My dad…Vice President…Cool!”

  1. Jena Webber Says:

    CC, You are NEVER going to live this post down. From here on out, BC will be the FONZ in my mind… just kidding. Praise the Lord for the strong men in your life. I wish my own Dad knew the Lord. Thankfully, my mother is saved. Blessings.

  2. Nonnie Says:

    It’s great to read your blog, sweetheart! I love the things you said about Dad, and we’re both blessed by your comments. It’s great to walk through your memories with you in all your blogs, and I can’t tell you how much you mean to us. Thanks!

    Love forever,

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