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A Poem for Nana

Posted under How God Provides, Poetry - Oct 9th, 08

I wrote this poem for Nana:

(She turns 84 today! Happy B-day, Nana!)

A sweet husband and four precious children

Have been cared for by you—

Also four wonderful grandchildren, and

Ten great grandchildren too!

You have a joy and strength from our LORD to

Get you through the bad days…

The death of a husband, son, and close friends…

Trusting Jesus always!

You’re always so much fun to be around.

You love to laugh and smile.

You have been a great friend to many—One

Who goes the extra mile!

You absolutely just love to play games

With anyone you meet!

Cards and puzzles are some favorites, and…

You sure love to compete!

You give of your time; you give with your hands,

For both the young and old.

Crocheted Afghans and blankets knit with love,

To keep us warm not cold!

From plastic canvas Kleenex box covers

To sewing many things,

Making fabric-covered photo albums,

And puppets on a string!

Your hands often prepared our favorite foods:

Turkey and dressing too,

Cheese enchiladas, pecan pralines, pies,

Cookies—to name a few!

Now at 84, you’re still going strong…

That cannot be denied.

Even the good doctor was much inspired…

Seeing you slide down that slide!

2 Responses to “A Poem for Nana”

  1. BC Says:

    I like this poem, Momma. Great job.

  2. Tanna Says:

    Great poem!!

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