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Silly Putty

Posted under LOL, Love To Learn, The Unexpected - Oct 8th, 08

Have you ever had a child come to you with a blanket that has silly putty on it (and it…the silly putty…has changed from the “solid/bouncy” state to some sort of “liquid/scary blob” state), and he looks at you with wondering eyes and says, “I’m not sure how this happened but…”. That happened to me a few nights ago, and I am still working on trying to get the sticky mess out! So, his problem became my problem quest. Ice helped a little. Trying to get as much out with the remaining clump of silly putty (pressing it into the blanket) has also helped, but it is still obviously there (see picture). Someone mentioned trying rubbing alcohol, but I’m not sure how the blanket would take it!

As I was trying to clean this up, I had my deja vu moment. You know, I had the feeling I had done this before, and I actually had. When we went to visit some friends a few years ago, I thought it would be a great idea to give their children “a little something”. Silly me, I picked out silly putty, and then I spent half the night picking out silly putty from the couch and a blanket (with some helpers). Evidently, this stuff appeared harmless and fun, but I have seriously reconsidered my earlier opinion. I have to say I regretted buying the silly stuff, and it has been banned from our house (or so I thought). I will keep trying to work this sticky situation out. If anyone has any experience with the removal of silly putty, I would love to hear from you! My parents told us many times, “You reap what you sow!” Isn’t that a true statement?

3 Responses to “Silly Putty”

  1. Jena Webber Says:

    Sorry to tell you that it will not ever come out. Throw the blanket out. If my mother (the stain master queen) can not conquer it, it can’t come out.

  2. Kane Says:

    Google says that you should use a gel hand sanitizer (although they’re alcohol based and may stain your blanket)

  3. Heart of a Mom » Blog Archive » The Solution that was a Solution for the Accident that was an Accident! Says:

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