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Presidents and Precedents

Posted under How God Provides, Love To Learn - Sep 30th, 08

We recently have been studying the presidents as a family unit study. I have found some awesome on-line resources which have been a great help!

One thing I have noticed is that these 43 presidents ( defines president [prez-i-duhnt] as “the highest executive officer of a modern republic”), have set the precedent ( defines precedent [ pres-i-duhnt] as “any act, decision, or case that serves as a guide or justification for subsequent situations.” ) for many presidents after them (Sorry, the nerd in me just has way too much fun playing with words). You know, when they made president, they also made precedent!

Naturally, we have been prompted to do this due to the upcoming elections. My oldest daughter recently pointed out to me that, Lord willing, she will be voting in the next election! Wow ! where does the time go?

A sweet friend recently gave us some great books, toys, and puzzles. We (mostly the girls) completed this Presidential 1,000-piece puzzle in less than a weekend. We decided to glue it together…it was that cool! So, here it is:

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