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Transforming blue jeans into a skirt

Posted under Love To Learn, Sew What? - Sep 6th, 08

Yesterday we started a project that we have been wanting to start for a long time…making matching skirts! We are having a lot of fun. Sometimes making a mess is considered fun by me, especially when the good outweighs the bad. We are recycling jeans, learning a useful skill, and saving money. Yes, it’s worth having fuzzies and fabric all over the floor and our clothes too.

I think Paige and Michelle will be blogging about what we did right (and wrong) in their blogs. Paige has been taking pictures! Bc says I should categorize this one under “Sew What?”. So today starts this new category. Well, we are ready to sew again, and the twin in me is absolutely loving it (the matching clothes and all)!

Don’t worry, we aren’t making any skirts for the boys. However, Paige mentioned possibly making matching ties!

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