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Thundering Waters

It was dark outside, the children were in bed, and I was ready to “call it a night” (or do you say “call it a day”?). I had six precious children under the age of nine, and I was tired. I loved my job as mom (and still do). I also loved what little sleep I could get. I was a light sleeper, and would get up to nurse my babies, comfort sick children, or to just check on them (crazy, huh?). Then, I was able to quickly fall back to sleep (probably due to exhaustion from days of non-stop movement…back then). The clock read 10:15p.m., so naturally, I was tired. Are you convinced that I was ready to crawl into bed?

Well, I had showered for the night, and went downstairs to get a quick drink of water. Then I got distracted. I saw a book in our lighthouse bathroom. It was on the top shelf, and it was titled: Thundering Waters (by Arnot McIntee). I have no idea why I convinced myself that it would be a great time to read that book with Bc (see first paragraph noting my tired condition). So, I made my quick (meaning fast, not smart) move. I reached up to take the book off the shelf, and I picked it straight up, starting a small catastrophe. My action knocked down a picture frame of a lighthouse, which in turn knocked down a lighthouse glass from Red Lobster. Did I mention that it was filled with tons of tiny aquarium rocks? Well, the rocks went flying as the incredibly thick glass landed in the toilet! “What a mess,” I said to myself. Then I was filled with self-frustration. I had no problem realizing and accepting the fact that accidents happen DAILY at our house (as we had another glass break today), but why did I (being the adult that I am) have to be the one to commit the accident? So, I put down the book, and started the clean-up job.

First things first, I put on my rubber gloves. Then basically, I was picking up these tiny rocks and throwing them away. I felt like I was an assembly worker as I was doing the same thing over and over, and the end was not in sight. I felt like calling it quits, but I would still be the one who would clean it up in the morning (because I made the mess, and I am a mom). In addition to the rocks, there were also broken pieces of glass from the picture frame. Then I was cleaning up toilet water that splashed out from the toilet (or so I thought) off of the floor. It seemed like an endless job. I kept cleaning up water. Then I would see more water on the floor. I thought I was just moving it around, and then I thought I was losing it…my mind that is. “Where was this water coming from?”, I wondered. As I examined the toilet, unbelievably the hearty Red Lobster glass was not broken! However, it managed to crack the toilet bowl. So, I turned off the toilet (my dad taught us all how to do this early in life, because by the time we told him the toilet was going to overflow…it already had).

As I was continuing to clean-up, my eyes started to overflow as I told myself how clumsy I was, and I just wasn’t sure what bc would say. Well, he came downstairs, wondering if I was okay, and he was so sweet to me. He told me not to worry and that he would buy a new one and install it. When I tried to explain that I was reaching for a book titled “Thundering Waters”, we both just laughed and laughed. I may have been tired and clumsy, but I had a best friend who told me it was going to be okay and we laughed together. Everyone makes mistakes (I refer to this incident as my “freak toilet accident”), and bc made me see the importance of reassurance and laughter. This is what we have been doing for years, and I am so thankful for such an example. I remind myself of his love often, especially when I find myself wanting to get upset because I have another “clean-up” job to do. I am reminded of God’s love and patience too, and I am thankful for His Grace (not my lack of it). By the way, I didn’t read “Thundering Waters” that night (later we did…good book), and I crawled into bed even more tired than usual, but happy to have a true friend!

“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.”

Song of Sol. 8:7

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