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Presidents and Precedents

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We recently have been studying the presidents as a family unit study. I have found some awesome on-line resources which have been a great help! One thing I have noticed is that these 43 presidents ( defines president [prez-i-duhnt] as “the highest executive officer of a modern republic”), have set the precedent ( […]

The “You’re Momma” moment:

A few weeks ago, I realized I was a mom (not in the literal sense…I have birthed six children…but rather in the figurative sense). Here’s the scenario: I went around the house taking everyone’s temperature (not because this is a favorite pastime…they all felt warm to me). No temperatures. All were dubbed “relatively normal”. Then […]


Guess what? Bc and I went to the movies this weekend.  This was the first time we have left our older children (14, 13,11) in charge of our younger ones (9,7,5). No accidents or fires to report. Woohoo! We saw the new movie Fireproof. It was great (and I think we held hands for most […]

Time Flies

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My baby is turning six in a little over a week (what is wrong with this sentence?)! Where does the time go? Does it really fly? I recently was cleaning out my jewelry box, and I found six broken watches (…why I still had them is a mystery). Well, in my corny mind (and hesitant-to-throw-anything-away […]

Our Late-Breaking News!

A little over two weeks ago (on Sunday 9-07-08), we came home to find the temperature very warm inside our home…our air conditioner had “frozen up”. I was so thankful Bc knew how to remedy this (two hair dryers melted away the ice that had formed on our system). I was very thankful to have […]

Finishing projects

Last Wed. night at prayer meeting, an elder mentioned the following verse of encouragement: Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” The NIV says it this way: …being confident of this, that he who began […]

Pride Goeth Before A Fall

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On Monday, my neighbor asked if he could borrow our jumper cables. Well, I told him he could, if I could find them. The first (and most logical) place I looked was in my Suburban. Nope, it wasn’t there! Okay, maybe it was in the garage. So, I went into “Dad’s Domain” to try to […]

Thundering Waters

It was dark outside, the children were in bed, and I was ready to “call it a night” (or do you say “call it a day”?). I had six precious children under the age of nine, and I was tired. I loved my job as mom (and still do). I also loved what little sleep […]

Transforming blue jeans into a skirt

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Yesterday we started a project that we have been wanting to start for a long time…making matching skirts! We are having a lot of fun. Sometimes making a mess is considered fun by me, especially when the good outweighs the bad. We are recycling jeans, learning a useful skill, and saving money. Yes, it’s worth […]