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Bowling Can Be A Ball!

For a long time now, I have been been known to dislike bowling. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the first time I remember going bowling (high school), I think I bowled 150. You might be saying to yourself: “What’s wrong with that? 150 is a pretty good score.” Well, I happened to be on a double date with my sister and two other guys, and she and I beat them all! They accused us of lying when we told them we never played on a bowling league (oops, they did). Come on, I was shooting granny shots! Anyways, that day I learned about beginner’s luck, and that boys can act like losers when they are losers (they never asked us out again).

I remember another terrible time I went bowling, and I was pregnant with our third child. One of our “powerful” toddlers bowled (or should I say rolled?) the ball, and it actually stopped probably eight feet out. Well, not being familiar with the rules, I very carefully walked out there to retrieve the still ball. My brother-in-law still talks about my insane moment! No, I did not fall, but it was very slippery! In my ignorance and embarrassment, I remember asking: “Where are the signs? They should really post warnings about how slippery that floor is!” I guess in war and bowling there are certain lines that should not be crossed!

Well, the first time we took our six kids bowling was Spring Break of 2007. We all didn’t know what we were doing (myself included, Bc excluded). Faith wanted to know why she had to wear old shoes when she had a perfectly good pair. She kept asking me when she could put her shoes back on because she thought they were possibly not going to be returned to her. The kids were choosing bowling balls based on color, not bothering with the fit of their fingers or the weight of the ball. Then Benjamin “dropped the ball”—the bowling ball—on my right foot. Just as the pain was starting to subside, one ball fell out of the ball return, and landed on my left toe. We were just getting started! The kids seemed to think the ball return was a cool place to be and hung out there waiting for their shiny borrowed toys to return. They returned with a vengeance. Faith smashed her finger when another ball smashed into the one she was holding. At this point I questioned Bc on why we had decided to take the kids bowling for fun. I had no idea it was this dangerous! I had only bowled gutter balls, so I can’t say I was really enjoying myself. After Bc won the first game, he told me how I might better control the ball. I then made a strike (bad in baseball, good in bowling). I was smiling as I asked him, “How come you didn’t tell me that before?” His honest reply (with a smile) was: ” I wanted to win!” Yes, boys can still be competitive. But, he was honest.

Anyways, Wish Teens had planned a free bowling event last week. I wasn’t sure if anyone even wanted to go, but some did. So we had fun, but we had no real form or knowledge (except Bc) about bowling. Bc would bowl a strike, and I would ask him, “How did you do that?” He would then reply: “I’m not sure”. He explained about force and motion. Also, the importance of dropping the ball low to the ground (we had been dropping them more like cannon balls than bowling balls). However, I still bowled gutter balls. And then the screen would tell everyone, just in case they missed it, that I had a gutter ball. The kids were using gutter guards, and having a lot of fun! Paige bowled over a 100! The way they were bowling reminded me of the old pin-ball machines (back and forth). So, I asked bc if I could use gutter guards, and I was having a ball banking all my shots. Until…my fun turned into feelings of cheating, as I looked around to see that not many adults were using gutter guards. Is that really allowed? I was thinking I really needed to read the rules of this game. However, I admired bc’s bowling ability. He had a lot of power and accuracy. He was a natural (notice the form in the above picture) bowler.

So, what did I do? I “Googled”: “how to bowl”, and we learned some bowling tips. Tips like… pick a ball that is 10% your body weight. Then, we learned how to hold the ball, bring it back (while keeping your elbow close to you) and follow through. We were fast learners as this took about ten minutes. So, we were ready to bowl again on Saturday (also Wish Teens). We got there and had a great time. No broken toes or fingers. Bc and I bowled over 100. The kids had fun, and the man in charge of Wish Teens told us that our family ought to join a bowling league. Yes, it was fun to teach an old dog (me) new tricks. I was thankful for Google too.

When we don’t know what something is or how something is done, “Let’s Google it!” is a common phrase used in our home. However, I was convicted today of looking to Google for answers instead of looking to God who has all the answers. I was reminded of the importance of looking to Jesus everday for help. He is always found in the Bible if I am looking for Him. He is always available when I call on Him. If every time I said, “Let’s Google it”, I would remind myself to seek Him in the Bible or through prayer. And then, not forget to thank Him for His answers!

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