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Dirty Jobs

Posted under Things I Love About My Husband - Aug 14th, 08

We recently visited The Snake Farm in New Braunfels. The man feeding the alligators told us that they were featured on a show called Dirty Jobs, and they had to clean out the alligator pond (Is it me or does it look like it may be cleaning time again?). I have never seen this show, but it made me think about my handy Bc.
Way back, when we started holding hands(1989), I thought his hands were handsome. However, his willingness to use his hands made them even more lovely.
My dad told me bc was a “keeper” when he offered to lend a helping hand to my dad with a dirty job: cleaning out our pool after the floods in 1989 (our house had flooded several times that month). Anyways, there were toads, dead fish, algae and green pond scum (slimy stuff that would make your skin crawl or is it… “make you crawl out of your skin”?). It was a nasty, yucky, smelly clean-up job. I was so thankful for bc’s willingness to help out and get his hands dirty. Some people may not find dirty hands appealing, but I did and still do. I have witnessed them with car grease, baby b.m, and blood, to name a few. Life can be dirty. On the other hand, he does wash his hands with soap on a regular basis, and I also find that appealing.
There is another man’s hands that I also love dearly…the nail-scarred hands of my Savior Jesus Christ, who came down here for a dirty job to clean up…me! He took away my dirt and made me clean. I am thankful to be in such good hands!

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  1. Bc Says:

    You are too kind


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