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The “LOL Game”

Posted under Games We Love To Play, LOL - Aug 7th, 08

Earlier this year, we bought a computer, and reentered the computer world…with all of it’s strange codes to decipher. We have even made up our own for some of our sicknesses: LOLBAV (That’s computer talk for “lots of loose bowels and vomiting”). Anyways, I just recently learned what “LOL” means. Maybe I am the only one who didn’t know, but it means “laugh out loud”. We have also decided that it could mean “lots of lies”; “lots of love”; “lots of links” “lots of luck”. We have had fun trying to think of all the LOL possibilities. Mom’s and Dad’s have LOL: lots of love; lots of laundry; lots of lethargy. Some toys have LOL: lots of lead; Our yard has LOL: lots of leaves. Our schools have LOL: lots of learning. And hopefully we will never have LOL: lots of lice or worse…lots of leprosy. Bc knew the real meaning “Laugh Out Loud”, but we all had fun with the “LOL game”. If you think of anymore “LOL” possibilities, please comment and we will LOL or possibly… ROFLOL..I think this means “roll on floor laughing out loud” or does it?…

2 Responses to “The “LOL Game””

  1. Bc Says:

    Lots of losers yelling at baseball games

  2. cc Says:

    As we get ready to start school, here is a new one: loving ongoing learning

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