The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

In Tim’s heart there sings a parody…

Posted under LOL, Poetry - Aug 29th, 08 - 1 Comment

Yesterday, a friend sent an email encouraging me to laugh at a Christian comedian on some “youtube” links. He was homeschooled, and he was a very funny writer, singer, and performer. His name is Tim Hawkins, and he really made us laugh. He specializes in parodies, and reminded me of Weird Al, but not quite […]

Thanks Make-A-Wish!

Posted under How God Provides - Aug 28th, 08 - 1 Comment

The Make-A-Wish “Wish Teen” pilot program provided summer fun for the whole family! We can’t thank them enough. Sunday was our last Wish Teen event of the summer. We had a lot of fun at Lifetime Fitness and Cold Stone Creamery. Wow! The LORD not only provided us with some great activities to do with […]

Highlights on Whistling

For years we have received Highlights magazine for kids, but it’s not just for kids. One day (about ten years ago) my husband taught himself to whistle very loudly by reading a page in this magazine. He taught himself in one week by practicing a little each day! I wondered at the time, how this […]

Bowling Can Be A Ball!

For a long time now, I have been been known to dislike bowling. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the first time I remember going bowling (high school), I think I bowled 150. You might be saying to yourself: “What’s wrong with that? 150 is a pretty good score.” Well, I happened to […]

Dirty Jobs

Posted under Things I Love About My Husband - Aug 14th, 08 - 1 Comment

We recently visited The Snake Farm in New Braunfels. The man feeding the alligators told us that they were featured on a show called Dirty Jobs, and they had to clean out the alligator pond (Is it me or does it look like it may be cleaning time again?). I have never seen this show, […]

The “LOL Game”

Posted under Games We Love To Play, LOL - Aug 7th, 08 - 2 Comments

Earlier this year, we bought a computer, and reentered the computer world…with all of it’s strange codes to decipher. We have even made up our own for some of our sicknesses: LOLBAV (That’s computer talk for “lots of loose bowels and vomiting”). Anyways, I just recently learned what “LOL” means. Maybe I am the only […]

Computer Kids

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile - Aug 2nd, 08 - No Comments

Earlier this year, Bradley (age 5) woke up one morning with a question for me. “Momma, can we go to dot com?” I think he was thinking it must be like Disney or something! LOL! Then, a few days ago, I heard my boys in the bathroom making gargling noises. I asked them what they […]