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Obstacles of the day

Posted under Love To Learn, The Unexpected, Those Are The Breaks! - Jul 18th, 08

Today was one of those days we decided to really clean and declutter our house. The problem was we were having company over for dinner. No, that wasn’t the problem, maybe the motivation. The problem was deciding to do this on the same day company was coming! We started cleaning up early on, and spent most of the exhausting day doing just that. There is never enough time, and obstacles always come up!

Our first obstacle was cleaning up broken glass. There is nothing scarier than seeing broken glass all over the floor. It is right up there with seeing a shark in the ocean. Someone in our family, I won’t mention who, unintentionally knocked over a glass. (Why do we even own glass? Plastic should be all we use). That was a good hour and a half of clean up. Here is a play-by-play of my experience on how I cleaned up the glass, and instructions on what to do and not to do when cleaning up glass:

First you carefully pick up the big pieces. Then you sweep, and you sweep again. Next, you use old bread or cotton balls to pick up the tiny shards that you missed. Next you mop. Then you find a piece of glass eight feet from the point of contact, and do another spot check. You make a discovery…there still seems to be little pieces of glass all over the floor! You obviously aren’t very sharp! Yes, you did the right thing by putting shoes on, but after you cleaned up the kitchen, you should have cleaned off all the bits of broken glass that were on the bottom of your shoe! So, you clean your shoes off and re-sweep and mop again, but with a different mop because the last mop has glass in it. Meanwhile, you have yelled out to the kids a million times several times, “Don’t come in the kitchen! There is broken glass!” You have even set up trash cans and chairs to block entry. After all that work, you still end up with a piece of glass in your heel, and so does one of your daughters. So adequate first-aid is administered.

During my clean-up campaign, bc was out getting his first-aid at a doctor’s office. Earlier today, an obstacle (being that of a rusty nail) went deep into his heel. Ouch! He is in pain from the nail today, and will be in pain from the tetanus shot tomorrow. Yes, it has been one of those days. Daddy has often demonstrated (much to our children’s delight), his rendition of what lock-jaw might look like. Personally, I was glad he was getting a shot.

Speaking about lock-jaw, did I mention (in our rush to get to the store for tonight’s menu items), we got locked out of our house? I locked the front door (by turning the knob), and I thought the kids had the keys because they were already out and inside the car. Well one of them had brought the keys back inside and said she had mentioned it as she hung them on the key rack. Well, I was looking for my shoes, and I guess I didn’t hear her. We were locked out. Well, my son Benjamin was a quick thinker. He said he knew how to climb the locked back fence door, and maybe the back door was unlocked. So we gave it a try. He went over the fence door and we were still standing there, peeking through the slats, when he came running around behind us with the keys in his hand and smile on his face! Boy, he was fast—30 seconds or less!

When company came, we were tired, but we all had a nice time together in our clean house. The kitchen floor sparkled like glass (hopefully I got it all), injuries really were minor (bc doesn’t have to get that shot for another ten years), we could have been locked out of the house for a longer time (we don’t normally leave our back door unlocked), and my son was able to demonstrate his helpful problem-solving skills.

My son probably takes after bc. When I was a senior in high school, my sister and I broke into our home by breaking a window. We didn’t want to be late for work, and nobody was answering the door. Funny thing was, my other sister was actually home at the time, and was in the shower. Talk about cleaning up broken glass! Well, don’t get me started…The LORD knows what we can handle (or not handle) in one day! I guess those are the breaks!

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