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How to play the mind game: Black Magic

Posted under Games We Love To Play, Love To Learn - Jul 10th, 08

Black Magic:

Explain to the kids that your partner will be able to figure out the object that we choose in the room, and challenge them to figure out how this is done (I don’t usually play like it is magic. I tell everyone there is a trick to it).
Ask the partner to leave the room, and together with the kids pick some random object in the room. It could be a Coke can, a hat, a person…anything. Did I mention it could be a Coke can (inside joke)? Then send one of the kids out to get your partner.

At this point the partner should have no idea what the object is.
Now you will start the show. Begin pointing to objects in the room, asking if it is the “chosen object”.
For example: “Is it the chair?”

“Is it the fan?”


The trick is at some point you will ask them if it is something that is colored black. Like a black remote or a black shirt… they will say no, but immediately following that black item will be the chosen item, signaling your partner to say yes. And the guessing begins, as well as the fun. Sometimes, I give clues. I tell them the name of the game is a clue, and usually point out the colors of different items as we go along, because this really is a challenging game! You could call it Blue Clue and use a blue item if you are opposed to calling it black magic—just a thought.

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