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The Frozen T-Shirt Race

Posted under Games We Love To Play, The Unexpected - Jun 25th, 08

Today we had some dear friends come over. Our children didn’t know they were coming, and were nicely surprised. They played outside. They played “Capture the Flag” and made some delicious mud pies. Then they got to cool off with an idea I found in Family Fun magazine. You take T-shirts and soak them in water, then you wring them out, fold them, and place them on a cookie sheet with wax paper in between them. Then you put them in the freezer for a day. I had done this earlier and when everyone was nice and hot, the game started. Everyone had to try to open their T-shirt, and try to be the first one to put it on over their other shirt. It was fun watching the children struggle to get it open! It was fun being together with friends.

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