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I love mind games!

We have had a fun weekend playing mind games with our family and bc’s family. No, we don’t mean that in a negative way, as in psychological manipulations . We actually played games that really make you use your mind..and along the way, you begin to question if you really have a mind!
We played a game called black magic. It has absolutely nothing to do with black magic. So, aside from the title…it is great fun to play. I think I will start a game section if you would like to play some of these mind games on others; I will try to explain the rules as best as I can remember. We played “The Square Game” and “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Whoopee, Johnny, and “Winks”. These are some old games that I played years ago with my family, and they sure are a lot of fun. Of course, it’s always more fun after you figure it out. Today, my sister helped me remember two more mind games: “The Name Game” (no, this isn’t that song) and “In Kahootz” (with a little help from Google). I might not give the directions for those until we have another opportunity for mind games. Our neighbor enjoyed them too, and I’m sure everyone is game?

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