The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Here comes the Sun…

Earlier today, we found out our suburban was going to cost around $800 to be fixed. It was a nasty, burned out fuel pump. (We found out that all newer cars have a fuel pump that is submerged in the gas tank, and that at least a fourth of a tank of gas should be maintained at all times. The gasoline acts as a coolant for the pump.) That’s a real bummer. It cost around $200 just to have it towed. Let me tell you how the LORD continues to take care of us.
Yesterday we received a check in the mail from a doctor’s office. It seemed like we had overpaid…3 months ago…in the amount of $147.69. That certainly was unexpected!
Also, our ins. reimbursed us for $40 toward the towing cost today. That about takes care of the towing fee! We were feeling pretty encouraged.
However, my husband and I were frustrated upon hearing the high price for the repair. We were praying it would be something simple…and cheap! Oh well. So, we prayed together. Then we did the next best thing when you’re feeling blue…get out in the backyard with your kids, enjoy the sun, and have a water fight! We had a nice time. Buckets of water were flying. Water balloons were crashing.
No one got hurt. Good clean, cheap fun! I love summer! I love my family!
Then, later in the afternoon, a very kind family member offered to help with the cost of repairing the suburban, and she said she hoped that it would make up for not being able to come this past weekend. WOW! So, why do I even worry again? He really does provide for us in so many ways!
I had another sunny spot today. My doctor had asked me to get some blood work done last Thursday (particularly glucose and cholesterol). I got the results back today, and they say I am normal (relatively speaking). I am thrilled, and very thankful. Today, I really have felt the warmth of the Sun (Son) on my skin and in my heart as well.

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