The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather


Have you ever had one of those days where you think you have it all planned out, and then your plans change? Today, was one of those days. We all woke up bright and early (5:00a.m.). I woke up to the sound of my husband singing, “Who can take the sunshine…sprinkle it with dew…”(This is the first line of the “candy man song”)…as he lovingly turned on the lights! Ouch! Artificial sunlight!

We finished packing and started loading the suburban when Faith told me she had diarrhea. Uh-Oh! That’s not going to be fun for her on an 8-hour trip! I slowly sat down in a chair and started praying…asking God for wisdom. I am interrupted by my Benjamin, who says, “Mom, do I have pink eye? My eyes feel like they are stuck together. Do they look red to you?” As I looked into his eyes, my visions of a happy reunion with my grandmother, who is turning 80, were starting to fade away. Well, there was my answer…I don’t think it would be wise to go with something as contagious as pink eye.

My husband took my son to the doctor at 10:45a.m. It was pink eye, and the doctor gave him some sample drops, at no cost, that will probably take care of it, but he also gave us a script if we run out. Nice doctor. We had been in to the doctor four times in the past week with our daughter, Faith. She had a virus and ear infections and tonsillitis, but we had our doubts. She had been sick for two weeks; her right tonsil was extremely swollen, and she was losing weight. Some viruses have similar symptoms to cancer. She has a sister, Paige, who is a cancer survivor, and this possibility wasn’t far from our thoughts. The doctor had some blood tests performed on her yesterday, so we were waiting, somewhat anxiously, for the results.

Then, I get a series of phone calls from my beloved family members. They were basically begging us to come. They said if she felt up to it, then just come on. They weren’t concerned too much about getting sick. In fact, someone said, “We always get sick when we all get together.” They were all so sweet, and we had been so looking forward to this trip. This is when I experienced some tension in being a mother and a daughter and a granddaughter. Well, so I looked over at my daughter and asked her how she was feeling. She quickly responds with, “I feel much better. I ate a little bit for breakfast and I haven’t had to go to the bathroom yet.” Hmmmmm. Let me think and pray some more.

Bc (my hubby) gets home from Dr. visit. We sit down to pray. We feel like giving the road trip a try. We tell the kids we will try to see how sister does in the car. We get about an hour out of town, and she says she needs to go to the bathroom. We look for a place to stop, and then we REALLY stopped. Our faithful suburban just stopped running for no good reason! Thankfully we had cell phone service, and my wonderful mother-in-law happened to be off work and somewhat nearby.

Then I get a call from my mom. My cell phone had played my husband singing “the candy man can”, so we were all smiling at his fun style of singing. My sweet mom says she is so excited that we are on the road and coming to see them and I pause for a moment to think how I will answer my mom. She says,” Sweetie, are you there?” I tell her, “I’m here”, and try to make it through without tears.

We tow the suburban back to our neck of the woods, and we only had to wait about 45 minutes in the car. We sang a little, and most of the children understood at this point that the trip was not going to work out. For some unknown reason, the Lord was stopping this trip. Should we resign to His sovereignty, or simply persevere? We all agreed to try to accept it. While we were waiting at the automotive repair shop, I got a call from the nurse with the results for the blood tests on Faith…everything is normal! I thank the Lord for not having us go through that valley today. You know, it really can be worse..always. We found out they won’t be able to even look at our vehicle until Monday, but we do have a reason to celebrate. The Lord was kind to let us break down as close to home as we did. I pray for those people in broken-down cars that I pass by daily and never even pray for. Our lives can be broken-down. We can’t trust in our health, or our cars, or our money, but there is One we can always trust, who has proven Himself to be faithful time after time.

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